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Product Description

Countless hours have been spent researching ingredients for the perfect formulation of ingredients to get you maximum results and we finally put together a formula to be proud of. Beyond Genetics Supplements created SHREDZ Maximum Strength Fat Burner with one thing in mind, results! When you step foot on the beach or the pool we want people to stare and wonder how the hell you got soo damn lean! SHREDZ along with diet & training will get you there.


Thermogenics have the ability to help you lose weight and get lean. SHREDZ incorporates ingredients like caffeine and green tea extract that can give you clean smooth energy. You can use it to make your days more productive or before your workout for a pump!


SHREDZ uses the best ingredients on the market today and combines them to formulate a formula that is second to none. The thermogenic effect can help burn fat like you haven’t experienced before.

Take one (1) capsule with breakfastfollowed by one (1) capsule in the afternoon or pre-workout.Increase dosage as desired, but neverexceed six (6) capsules in a day. Each bottle contains sixty capsules, the perfect number for the recommended 30-day track. Upon completing ninety days break from supplement for thirty subsequent days.


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